Our Board

Education for Ethiopia is entirely youth-led, fostering the development of the world's next leaders, catalysts, and philanthropists. All board members are seniors in high school with an individualized passion for education advocacy. Read their stories below.


KaLeab JegoL - President and founder

The moment I was born, my parents knew they would do everything in their power to ensure I got an American education. The education system in Ethiopia is lacking: facilities are poorly funded, school supplies are low, and teachers aren't qualified. I knew that I had to give back to the children who share my origin, children who won't get the same opportunities as me. Education for Ethiopia is my outlet to accomplish this. I may be the only person these kids have—I refuse to let them down.


George Arenas 

George is 19 and currently attends Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. He has always had a passion for helping others. He first entered the world of educational non-profits when he became a tutor at Wordplay Cincy, a center in Northside for kids struggling with basic literacy skills. Working hands-on with kids not only taught him about different learning styles, but also made him realize how vital education is in children's lives. Through Education for Ethiopia, he strives to reach thousands of kids that have dreams and aspirations yet to be discovered. 


Sydnie Kong

My dad grew up in a small village in China. His family made a living as farmers, he considered eggs to be a luxury, and his sister, being a girl, couldn't go to school. Every day he made the three-mile trek to school and worked his butt off to be in the top of his class. Once in college, he outscored everyone in his department when he took his graduate entrance exam, granting him admission to an American university.

My dad was one of the lucky ones, defeating all the odds to achieve the "American dream." I want to give the children of Ethiopia the same chance my dad had, and more. E4E is my opportunity—and yours—to make this happen. 


Sanjana Nath

Sanjana is a first-year at Indiana University. Since her parents originate from the beautiful country of India, she was lucky enough to visit and experience the country herself. Immediately upon arrival, the shocking sight of young children inhabiting the night streets wearing nothing but ragged hand-me-downs surrounded her. After seeing the immense amount of poverty-stricken children living on the streets, Sanjana was struck with a strong desire to help young underprivileged minds in third world countries. Every child deserves an equal chance at success, and Sanjana is working with Education for Ethiopia in order to accomplish just that. 

Richard giang

Richard is a first-year at The Ohio State University. He found his love for spreading knowledge and education after tutoring at a local under-privileged elementary school. Seeing the students' faces light up after learning a concept made him realize how much we take our education system for granted. Students in the US complain about schoolwork while the majority of children in Ethiopia are being deprived of the basic skills of reading and writing. Therefore, through Education for Ethiopia, he hopes to bring educational opportunities to the education-deprived children of Ethiopia.