Current Initiatives

Through supporting these projects you help us change the world. 

Gedelao, Ethiopia 

Gedelao, Ethiopia 

GEdelao Science fund

Made possible by our partner, Roots Ethiopia, Education for Ethiopia is building a science lab in the small southern town of Gedelao, Ethiopia. 

You can help by spreading the word and donating to this fund. The children of Ethiopia need you. 

Goal: $3,500.00

Goal Date: February 1st - partially completed

Gedelao Donation Fund

Supply for Ethiopia 

With our partners at William Mason High School, HOPE Club, and Wyoming High School, Education for Ethiopia will be collecting supplies from students and community members. 

You can help by donating supplies at either school and spreading the word. 

Goal: 5 tubs of supplies

Date Completed: April 28th

We were able to raise enough supplies to impact 50 classrooms! Thanks to everyone who helped out.

Supply Drive Donation Fund

Tigray Camp Fund

Together with our partners at Peace Corps Ethiopia, we will be collecting funds for a summer English-learning camp in Tigray. This girls-only camp will allow children who weren't given the same quality of education at their standard school the opportunity to learn valuable skills.

Goal: $500

Date Completed: June 1st

Tigray Camp Fund